TMRO Audio Edition

TMRO:Space - 3D Printing in micro gravity with Made In Space - Orbit 11.33

August 25, 2018

If humanity is to have a permanent presence in the cosmos, we will need to learn how to create parts and structures in space itself. MadeInSpace is working on 3D printers that work in micro gravity and this week we have Justin Kugler, Business Development for Advanced Projects join us to talk about their vision of the future. Interview starts at 26:05

Launch Minute:
1:20 Vega | Aeolus
2:20 Long March 3B | BeiDou-3 M11 & M12

Space News:
5:50 Water Ice Found on Lunar Surface
11:10 SpaceX Updates - Crew access to Load and Go
17:05 Why Jupiter's Stripes Are Only Skin-Deep

58:46 Community Comments

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