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Hubble’s fate, Mars Cubes and space brains - Orbit 11.42

Hubble’s fate, Mars Cubes and space brains - Orbit 11.42

October 28, 2018

This is the episode of the season where we have the ultimate answer to the life universe and everything! I had also been eager to try a new news format that was more round-table and conversational. Since there was no standard guest this week we made it happen! Let me know what you think in the comments. A bit long, but overall I liked it!

Launch Minute:

  • Soyuz 2.1B | Lotos-S1 | Kosmos-2528
  • Long March 4B | Haiyang 2B

Space News:

  • NASA is preparing for Hubble's return
  • This is your brain on space
  • NASA seeking Lunar Gateway Cargo Delivery
  • Hayabusa-2 prepares for Ryugu touchdown
  • Major first step for Pluto Orbiter Mission
  • First Image of Mars taken by a CubeSat
  • Virgin's LauncherOne and SpaceShipTwo edging closer to space
Sailing the stars with light #LightSail - Orbit 11.41

Sailing the stars with light #LightSail - Orbit 11.41

October 21, 2018

Mat Kaplan (@planrad) joins us to talk about the Planetary Society, LightSail 1, 2 and beyond. Jared and Mat dive deep in to why the Planetary Society matters and how it can impact you!

Launch Minute:

  • Long March 3B/YZ-1 Launches Beidou-3 M15 & M16
  • Atlas V launches AEHF-4
  • Ariane 5 launches BepiColombo

Space News:

  • Most massive and oldest blob of galaxies has been discovered
  • Rocket Lab building new launch pad at Wallops
  • Supernova time, but this one formed a BINARY
Why study something we can’t see? #DarkMatter - Orbit 11.40

Why study something we can’t see? #DarkMatter - Orbit 11.40

October 13, 2018

Dark Matter and Dark Energy make up over 80% of the universe and yet we still don't fully understand what they actually are. We are joined by Sophia Nasr AKA @Astropartigirl to talk about why dark matter is important to physics.

Launch Minutes:

  • Falcon 9 Launches SAOCOM 1A
  • Long March 2C Launches Yaogan 32
  • Crewed Soyuz suffers launch failure

Space News:

  • Hubble and Chandra vacation together
  • Air Force awards launch vehicle development contracts
  • Blackholes aren't dark enough
On demand shooting stars - Orbit 11.39

On demand shooting stars - Orbit 11.39

October 7, 2018

Want to take your event's wow factor up a notch? Astro Live Experiences (ALE) will soon be able to create on-demand shooting star shows as well as on-demand aurora. It's a new way of utilizing space for incredible art and entertainment. Added bonus, it helps grow the space industry via launches and infrastructure while also getting people talking!

Launch Minute:

  • No launches this last week :(

Space News:

  • MASCOT Landed and died on Ryugu
  • The Goblin pointing the way to Planet X
  • SLS rumors point to grim future
  • RNA liquid crystals could explain how life started on Earth

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